We're UK-based, but our print partners have locations all over the world, so we're doing our best to keep prices as low as possible while still offering FREE shipping on all orders to the UK.

Most locations deliver within 10 days (except Raktajino Mugs as they are hand-made ceramics and take 4-6 weeks), but please be aware that everything is made to order, so in some special cases might take a little longer. If your order is not going to arrive on time you will be notified in advance.

Shipping costs by location:

UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland is FREE for all order values with optional  Express upgrade £1.99

USA and Canada £7.99 or FREE over £80 order value

China and Japan £8.99 or FREE over £80 order value

European Union £6.99 or FREE over £80 order value

Europe (non-EU) £8.99 or FREE over £80 order value

Everywhere else not included in the above £19.99 or FREE over £100 order value

We do our best to take care of any import duty and taxes due, however we cannot guarantee this so please be aware that you may have a customs duty to pay. Make sure your email address is one that you check regularly, as if you don't pay the customs duty the parcel will be returned to us and you will have to pay for shipping again.


Recent Questions

Do you charge for delivery?

The honest answer is , sometimes! All UK deliveries are totally free, most of Europe and the US and Canada too. It's only if you're particularly far away from us that we have to add a surcharge because of the much higher cost to ship.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes we do, though some far-flung places may incur a small delivery surcharge (it will show up at checkout if that's the case).

Where do you get your designs?

A lot of our designs are inspired by video games, both retro and new, and cult TV, Film and Sci-Fi. We tend to recreate old artwork from the ground up using vector design software, or make an entirely new unique version that you can only get from us.

I have a design idea! Can you make it?

We're always happy to hear your ideas and would be happy to make a one off item just for you. Email us here to have a chat. If we really like it we may put it into production and give you a freebie in exchange!