About Us

Quirkify is the brain-child of Ros Mayne-Caudwell and Steve Mayne, we bonded over Breath of the Wild and loved it so much we had Link and Zelda on our wedding cake (which was actually made of cheese) and our ring box was an item chest that played the item finding jingle when you opened it (yes, that sound)!

Ros does most of the designing and making (she makes handmade pottery in her other job), and Steve most of the technical stuff (he's a professional computer wizard in his daily life). Along with gaming, they also enjoy playing music, exploring with their dogs and travelling in their motorhome (which happens to have a Nintendo Switch in it)!

We proudly identify as geeks and gamers, both video game and tabletop. We’re retro nerds with old-school (and sometimes even new-school) interests, and we procure stuff for people like us, our tribe.

We've been gaming since the days of Atari, and still have a 2600 in a cupboard - though connecting it to a screen is becoming increasingly difficult! We came of age watching Monty Python, Red Dwarf, Labyrinth and the Princess Bride, to name but a few. Many years on and we're still playing, albeit with a few more pixels now, and still watching odd, cult TV and Sci-Fi, as well as re-watching the nostalgic offerings from our youth!

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the weirdo in your life, or maybe for yourself (go ahead, we won't tell!), Quirkify has you covered!